Sunkoshi Holidays
TOURS OF NEPAL & TIBET ~ Sightseeing/Luxury, Adventure, Humanitarian, Convention and Tibet Tours

Namaste! and Welcome to Nepal...

Enjoy affordable and exciting travel to the natural beauty and cultural richness of Nepal, with Sunkoshi Holidays.

We answer all of your questions and take care of every detail for you, so that all you have to do is decide on a date, and the type of tour you are interested in. We will understand your needs, and provide them. We will guide your preparation for the trip, and ensure your maximum happiness.

We specialize in setting up Custom Tours for a variety of purposes. We have experiance with  every type of tour, from Sightseeing/Luxury Tours, to Adventure Tours, Humanitarian Tours, Convention Tours, and Tibetan Tours.


We offer three separate standards of accommodation on our tours:

  • Clean, safe and extremely reasonable BUDGET accommodations
  • International STANDARD hotel accommodations, similar to an average hotel room anywhere.
  • DELUXE accommodations in International Standard 4 and 5 Star Hotels, such as the Kathmandu Hilton.

We offer tours for groups of any size, from one person to 26 or more.

Any tour of 20 OR MORE PEOPLE earns ONE COMPLETELY FREE TOUR (including everything the others are paying for) for you as tour leader.

For Treks and all Outdoor Adventures, there are TWO tourist seasons per year. These seasons are:

  • Mid-March through Mid-June
  • Mid-September through Mid-December

An important point about our tours is that a portion of the profit from the tours goes directly to the very underpriveleged people living in isolated villages near the Nepal/Tibet border. These people are dying from the lack of very basic food and medicine, and your tourist dollars go a long way toward helping them create a more stable way of life. After immediate survival needs, we invest in local health care and education, including vocational training for the young people, so that they will be able to support themselves and their families in the future. A financial report of our social work is available upon request.

Please feel free to Contact Us to learn more about our exclusive travel deals and packages.